Friday, March 28, 2008

Farewell to a dear friend


It is memories that make us proud, make us smile, and make us laugh.
Without memories, our loved one's fade from our thoughts,
You will always be one of my greatest memories.

R.I.P. Roy Lambert,

"He passed peacefully in his sleep after a long battle with cancer,
ride free, ride like the wind, ride for the stars."


Monday, October 15, 2007

If you see a yellow flash zoom by followed by a second yellow flash close behind, then you may have just seen the Flying-Bananas!

Ride Safe.

Cabin Dairy - Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex

The Cabin Dairy at Burnham on Crouch.
Almost mid-morning we kicked the tires and lit the fires heading for the one of the best breakfasts in Essex.
Before you arrive for breakfast there is a little work to do negotiating the 'Burnham Bends', some lovely twists, turns and 'S' bends.
Just as you are getting hungry for more bends you arrive in Burnham, and the belly growls for brunch! (Before 12:00)

The bubble and squeak is highly recommended with a full English, all washed down with a bucket of tea.
On any given day it is usual to see other bikers sharing the passion of the 'Burnham Bends', more so at weekends but try to get there early for a seat, 500+ bikes have been known to attend.
So, after some friendly banter about all things 'bike', we saddle up for the return.
The bends in reverse are just as thrilling and the views are great.
Safe riding.


The Flying-Bananas wish you a warm welcome.
This blog is brought to you from Roy & Mike, our aim is to be informative and inspirational to bikers looking to try our ride outs, or join us on our next adventure.........................